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Due to a large interest in a very helpful community this section is dedicated on community Tips to surviving in DayZ


  • Getting chased by a horde? Run in doors to force them to walk, this will significantly help your chances of survival!
  • Zombies Dislike Docks!! Use them as temporary safe zones
  • Throw smoke grenades you picked up into zombie hordes that are chasing you just like you would throw a flare, zombies love the hissing noise the grenades make when they go off and will get distracted by it.
  • Running from zombies will only serve as a temporary measure, they will not quit following you until very far away. The only way to escape running zombies is by swimming (Not recommended, as the zombies may swim after you, and you have a chance of losing all your items), or running up a steep hill.
  • Zombies get glitches and is forced to walk up on high ground or going into house.
  • Zombies may hit through walls and doors, and may in some cases pass through them completely.
  • Crowd Control: When you have the ammo and at least a buddy turn the tide and control the horde. Luring them away from your target (house, other zombies) and gun them down together. Even a Zombie Rush is easy to handle when you have a pal at your side. Keep your surroundings and your weapon's noise in mind.


  • Like all sights in Arma 2 you have Zeroing. When you pick up a sniper, for example the CZ550; the zeroing is set on 300, meaning you will hit dead center at 300 meters where the crosshair is. If you aim at somthing that is 450 meters away your shot will be too low (under the crosshair). Adjusting the zero to 400m will give you a better chance to hit your target. If you have higher zeroing you will shoot over the target(above the crosshair).
  • Weapons have different sound when fired, a good thing is to learn how they sound and you can also get the players position where they fire from. This however, requires skill to get an exact pin-point location of the shooter.
  • Grenade throws are silent, and therefore will not give away your position.
  • Smoke grenades and flares can be used to draw attention away from your location. (Smoke grenades attract zombies)


  • While looting inside a town or city it is recommended you crouch or walk. This will significantly reduce the amount of noise and visibility from zombies and players.
  • Perhaps the best place to start looking for some serious weaponry is the town hall in Chernogorsk. At the entrance you can almost always find an assault rifle (such as an AKM. If you go around the building, on the corners opposite to the front side, you'll find rain pipes which you can climb on. On the rooftop, you can find all sorts from firearms and supplies, ranging from a simple, yet stylish M1911 to M4A3 CCO with flashlight. So far, AKM, AK74, AKS-74u, M16A2, M4A1, M4A3 CCO, CZ550, MP5A5, M4A1 CCO, M1014, and the Winchester 1866 have been known to spawn there. You can also find M107/M240 ammunition up there.
  • If you happen to kill another player and start to loot his equipment keep one thing in mind: SPEED! Quickly move to their body and retrieve their gear. Players spawn all over the coast, chances are that player is double timing it to his last known location, that or nearby players have heard the shot(s) and are investigating. Keep in mind once a player is killed, that status is globally announced so a smart player will be looking. You may also need to think over if their equipment is worth the risk. I alone just died in this situation. I've had 3 players attracted to that area and did not move out in time.
  • If you come across a bandit who is unaware of your presence, you should shoot him, but dont loot his body yet, as bandits ussualy travel in small groups.

Assorted tips

  • At night Never run with a flare or light source in your hands! I myself have preyed upon those who visualize themselves. To better hide yourself at night just suck it up and run in the dark! Please make sure you are doing this in a safe area such as the beach or a well known location!
  • If you have to light a flare in a town look up and hold the mouse button to throw the flare farther! Once you throw you will light up and entire path to where the flare falls. This method will also hide your position from any other hostile players in the area!
  • Think before you pull the trigger. That should be your main consideration. Gunshots draw in hostile players and zombie hordes. For some of your more gucci guns [I favour the AKM] - the loot you get for the kill may be worth less then the bullet.
  • During night if you see another light coming your way with your flare/flashlight on, turn it off. When the person approaches you try not to be uncovered by his light and ask him if he's friendly of foe, hold him at gunpoint until you evaluate his intentions.
  • If by any chance you were spotted walking at night with a light source and at the same time were shot at, drop on the ground, turn off your light source and roll. Be on a lookout for the shooters muzzle flash.
  • If you've come up to a city sign, and can't read Cyrillic, try to describe the letters to other players, who knows there might be someone on the server who actually knows it (like me (I'm not Russian)).
  • In case you find yourself staring at the road sign with text like russian text, it might be a good idea to view the Chernarus Map and compare the Cyrillic/Latin spellings of geographical names. It helps in case you are totally incapable of reading Cyrillic letters.
  • Lakes, ponds and water pumps you can use as a water supply.
  • Servers differ in difficulty level, regular difficulty allows third-person, has a crosshair, and allows you to see other players nameplates. Veteran servers do not permit these.
  • The view field of the game is around 500(?) meters. And this is set by server so everyone has the same view field.

this list has been made possible by: Demondred6, Mr. Weed, Darkwingstalker, Nuttex, Anthony and others...